Angel Jack Series #8

All books are standalone and can be read in any order.

Excerpt:  Jack waited, thinking about all the things the boy had said. It was very apparent that Cobb didn’t like him and Jack couldn’t help thinking he didn’t like Cobb very much either. As soon as the thought struck him, he felt guilty. He wasn’t supposed to dislike anyone. He was supposed to help people and he couldn’t do that if he didn’t like them. Now what had made him think that? Why did he feel he was supposed to help people, no matter how badly they treated him?

ALWAYS AN ANGEL  is all about Jack … 

the helpful, lovable angel from the Angel Jack books.

 Jack has an assignment unlike any he’s ever had.  He must walk the earth as a mortal and not as an angel.  Even though he has some help from above for his daily needs, he has no special powers to help him work out the troubling situations that quickly surface.

 As a tutor to a very angry, belligerent boy named Cobb, Jack soon finds himself fearing not for the boy’s grades in school but for Cobb’s life as well.  When he befriends a telemarketer (Beau) and two lovely women (Taysia and Mars), whose lives become unbelievably entwined with each other –Jack finds himself deeply involved in their moving, heartfelt situations – which includes a tragic incident from the past. 

 Can Jack keep his deep, angelic faith in his Creator in the midst of the difficult circumstances that confront him as a human being?

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