A Stand-Alone Sequel to Between Now and then


Angel Jack Series #11

All books are standalone and can be read in any order.

The angel Jack has had all kinds of earthly assignments, but this one is different from any of them.  God is sending him to care for a small orphan child, His 'angel baby', until a suitable guardian can be found.

Little four year old Shyla is a delight to everyone who meets her.  Her comical questions never stop, nor does her determination to have her Uncle Jack (who she has no idea is really an angel) married to her friend Elaine so they can be her new mommy and daddy – not even when Elaine falls in love with another man.  On a more dramatic side, someone else is determined to gain custody of the child, not because he wants her but because of a very large insurance policy.  This person is Shyla’s biological father, who left her before she was born and never returned, until now.

ANGEL BABY is a heart-warming novel that will make you both laugh and cry.  It is a sequel to BETWEEN NOW AND THEN, and you will meet again all the characters you loved in that story, especially the handsome minister, Rev. Solomon Marcus.  Both books can be read together or separately.


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