Book #1

The Angel Craig Series

Despite a terminal illness, Ida is determined to live life to its fullest for however long she has left. What she doesn’t anticipate is falling in love. Or suddenly finding herself having an odd-looking angel named Craig and his mentor, the Angel Jack, looking out for her. Or rescuing a mysterious stranger who turns out to be a very unusual old lady who not only believes in having fun but also believes in miracles.

Can there be a miracle for Ida?

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Book #2

The Angel Craig Series

Suzette kept her beautiful daughter Nyla hidden to protect her. She never expected to be involved in an accident, fall into a coma and desperately need her – and for no one to know where to find her.

Now there’s a problem. Public exposure in the search for Nyla reopens dangerous hidden secrets, buried since the night of Nyla’s birth. The angel Craig is trying to help, but when an unforgivable deception comes to light, it’s going to take God to mend all the broken hearts.

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Book #3

The Angel Craig


Sequel to #2

Nova is unhappy with what life has handed her when she flies 700 miles to attend Nyla’s wedding. The only reason she’s going is to see Eli Drake again – Nyla’s fiancé - the man she’s carried a torch for the last seven years. If she could, she’d steal the groom before he made it to the altar. Besides that, she hates her grandmother and dreads seeing her and is at odds with the father she once idolized. The angel Craig is there to help her, as well as a couple young men who suddenly take an interest, but she still can’t shake the emotional baggage she’s carrying.

Might the uplift she so desperately needs come from an unexpected, frightening encounter with a young girl in serious trouble? Could helping someone else who’s problems are much worse than her own change the very course of her life in only two weeks?

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