Beneath the Scars

The Eyes of Love Series, Book #1.

A touching Christian romance that is a standalone in a series.

As the result of a tragic accident, Marna is forced to accept the truth – she would never find love because no man would ever want to share his life with her. Who could love a woman whose face was permanently scarred?

Still, knowing love will probably never find her doesn’t stop her from dreaming of someday having a home and family. When a friend from the past unexpectedly shows up and starts paying special attention to her, she’s afraid to let herself believe he could have deeper feelings than mere friendship – even though she is quickly falling for him.

Could there be even the smallest chance that Devon might be able to see beneath her scars to the beautiful, loving heart inside her and return her love, or is she headed for an even bigger heartbreak by even thinking it?

Heartwarming, inspirational fiction. 

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