Angel Jack Series #10

All books are standalone and can be read in any order.

An inspirational fiction story with a beautiful touch of sweet romance, 

heart-wrenching drama, and a powerful, miraculous conclusion.



---------Four generations of people, all in need of some divine intervention----------

One moment ninety year old Hannah Deane is on her deathbed, waiting for the angel Jack to transport her to heaven. The next thing she knows she finds herself, not in the realms of glory, but sitting on top of a suitcase in front of a large church hundreds of miles away. It’s there she’s discovered by Hope Dugan, who decides on the spur of the moment to take the old lady home with her until she can locate her family. Hope and her daughter Kaci, as well as Hope’s mother Karla, all take an instant liking to the mysterious old lady, who seems to be wise even beyond her years. In no time at all, they are so attached that they aren’t wanting to lose this unexpected visitor – ever. The intertwinement of these lives is so mystifying that even the angel Jack, trying his best to follow God’s direction in guiding all of them through a miraculous journey, has no idea how God will work things out. But God knows exactly what He’s doing.


Don't miss the heart-warming sequel ANGEL BABY.



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ONE READER'S VIEW:  I have several books I have started reading within the last few months, and many of them are really good – but I do not have time to finish them. I started Between Now and Then on Monday evening, and stayed up until 3 am on Tuesday night, as I really could not put it down. You are such a great writer. I am so impressed. I laughed out loud, shed tears and enjoyed it so much. I am getting ready to read Angel Baby. Thank you for making my day!