Angel Jack Series #5

All books are standalone and can be read in any order.


"All things work together for good to them that love God...." Romans 8:28


Layna never expected the quiet darkness to suddenly be illuminated with light. She certainly never anticipated seeing a soldier standing in the open doorway of the motel room where she and her small daughter had been peacefully asleep just moments before. Neither could Linc, the weary, hitchhiking soldier in dire need of getting home to see his injured brother, believe the room was already occupied. Certainly, a drastic mistake had been made - but it did nothing to remedy the fact that the room was, indeed, the last one available on that dark, stormy, ominous night. By some inconceivable mistake it had been assigned to both of them. What could two strangers, with no place else to go, do under the circumstances? A remarkable chain of events begins to happen that create another question. Was this chance meeting really an accident or was it the result of some divine heavenly intervention?


Author's Note:  Even though this book is fiction, it shows us how one mistake followed by one tragedy can touch many lives and bring them happiness in the Lord they may never have found otherwise.  Nothing happens to us by chance.  We may not always understand it, but God has a definite plan for our lives.  Don't lose faith if you're going through difficult times.  God loves you and always wants what is best for you.  If it isn't what you think is best, trust Him on it.  Remember, He can see the future and you can't.


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Very first review by Gracie in Florida.  I KNEW Jack would be back!  This book was a joy to read from the very beginning to the very end.   This book has surprises all the way through.  I laughed and cried both at different times and had to read different parts aloud to my husband.  If you haven't read it yet, you're really missing a wonderful novel.  I couldn't put it down!  I especially took heart to the understanding of God's word and I loved the ending.  What an inspiration!

I LOVED THE BOOK.  Great story and very inspirational.

YOUR BEST ONE YET!  This was a great read and I give it 5 stars. 

WOW!  This book is hard to put down once you start, but the reading is fast and easy (right down my alley).  There are no words to describe this story.  It is fantastic! - Mary (PA)

I loved BEYOND CHANCE!  You are getting better and better with each book.  I loved the epilogue.  How do you come up with your storylines? 

This is a wonderful story!  Very inspirational.  If you like reading a good Christian fiction story, you'll want to get this book.  

I really enjoyed this book and will read it again.  The meeting was unusual and I loved the story line.  

WOVEN TOGETHER LIKE A FINE TAPESTRY!  Once again, Joan Carringer has shared her gifts and talents with us in writing a beautiful story in the light of God's perfect plan.  Weaving the storyline together while putting God front and center in each character's life.  Angel Jack is in the storyline a bit, but not as much as in other Carringer stories...I missed Jack.  But maybe I didn't read her stories in order, that might be why Jack wasn't as prevalent in this book.  Wonderful read!  I so enjoyed it.