Angel Jack Series #9

All books are standalone and can be read in any order.

Dusty clouds - Skeletons in the closet - Secrets –

They are all the same thing and we all have them




By a twist of fate, an elderly woman named Maggie becomes not only a friend but also a mentor to three nurses and one very troubled young man.  But although Maggie appears to be a tower of infallible strength and faith, she’s harboring a heartbreaking secret (her dusty clouds) that she intends to keep hidden for as long as she lives.   Maggie has no idea that her silence will eventually affect the spiritual growth of her new friends, who are fighting their own battles, with their own dusty clouds.  How can the angel Jack convince Maggie she cannot receive healing for herself or help any of the others unless she brings her fears into the open, when the mere remembrance of the long ago tragedy at the root of them sets her mind racing with panic?  And how can Jack protect the young man Maggie’s grown to love when he faces a life or death situation, as a result of his own lingering dusty clouds?


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