As a freelancer for Christian magazines, Dani’s current assignment is to bring out the human emotions of Adam and Eve. As she rewrites their story to make it more real, interesting and believable to the reader, she begins to make comparisons between herself and the first woman. Eve gave in to her desire for the forbidden fruit and the entire world paid the consequences. Now Dani is facing a heart-wrenching decision. Making the wrong choice wouldn’t affect the whole world but it would bring pain and heartache to the people closest to her. Is she strong enough not to give in? Or is she more like Eve than she imagined?

She isn’t the only one facing the pull of the forbidden. Neither Dani nor her husband James has any idea that he will soon be struggling with his own inner turmoil when he’s unexpectedly confronted with a painful revelation from his past.

Can they conquer the forbidden challenges of their hearts and save their marriage?

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