Angel Jack Series #6

A touching Christian romance that's a standalone in a series.

A beautiful inspirational romance that touches deeply

 on something we all face in our everyday lives – regret. 

You won’t want to miss reading this book!

Words from the first Reader: "This book is captivating from beginning to end! I give IF ONLY a 10+!"

She had everything money could buy but all she wanted was what she had given up five years earlier. At least that’s what Rylee thought until the opportunity arose that might make it happen – and an angel named Jack mysteriously and unexpectedly appeared in her life. Can the angel help her finally discover not only where her true happiness lies but also how to open her heart and embrace it?

IF ONLY is an intensely inspirational fiction novel, laced with real-to-life romance, heart-wrenching drama and a touch of heavenly intervention. It is written for the enjoyment of all those who love, trust and believe in God’s magnificent power – and especially for those who do not, but would like to.



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Very first review by Arlene in PA.  This book is captivating from beginning to end!  The heartache was truly felt throughout the entire book, and the joy in the end was exhilarating!  I give IF ONLY a 10+!

I just finished reading If Only and was thrilled with it all the way, from the first word to the very last.  I honestly and truly couldn’t put it down.   I LOVE Jack’s character.  Even though each (angel Jack) book is a story in itself, the characters are intermingled in such a way that, when you read them ALL, you feel like you already know all of the characters.  If Only was so touching and true to life that I cried more than once.  The advice on “giving your problems to God” and truly believing in Him to work your problems out … instead of trying to do it yourself … is written so plainly that it makes you call out to God to help you do just that.    I LOVED THE ENDING!  I could hardly read the entire last chapter because of the tears.  There were a lot of things, with some of the children in the book, where I would literally laugh out loud!   If any of you haven’t read it yet, you’re really missing out.  There are many pages I ‘turned down’ so that I can go back and read them again.  I commend the author on this latest book.  And I thank her for her deep faith in God and for spreading the word through her writing. 

WHAT A BOOK!  It was fantastic and the end really took me "off guard".  This book is a MUST read.  If you haven't read it yet, do it.  If you don't have it, BUY IT!   There are no words to say about how good it really is!

I just bought your newest book IF ONLY and love it.  I think that you are a really good author.  You make me want more! 

I DIDN'T WANT THE STORY TO END.  I always enjoy how Joan Carringer wraps everything up and brings it all together while creating a fun and fascinating journey through God's Word.  Such a wonderful read!  Thoroughly enjoyed this book!