A beautiful inspirational love story - a dramatic, heart-stopping thriller!


In the Midst of Tomorrow is an exciting romantic fiction novel with a Christian theme.  Although it's intent is to emphasize God's love and mercy,  it is a page turning mystery that keeps the reader spellbound from the first page to the last.


 "In the midst of tomorrow lies a man-made world 

into which God is forbidden to enter."

The story takes place sometime in the future in a solely computerized underground city called Argess.  In the beginning, Trista and Reed Benosen are awaiting an interview to decide whether or not they will be permitted to have the child they want so badly.  Births are strictly regulated in the underground city of Argess and only a few couples each month are granted the right to have children.   At the same time, Trista's twin brother, Tory, continues to be upset over the denial of his petition to wed his pregnant sweetheart and the fact that they've been forced by law into separation.  The government of Argess will only approve marriages to couples found compatible by computer selection.  JoAnna, a government agent, must hide the existence of her illegimate, crippled niece because she knows the authorities will take her away if she's discovered.  Trista's grandmother, Melissa, quite possibly the only person in the city that believes in God, longs for the freedom to openly tell others about Him.  She can't, because Argess is dominated by an atheist leader. 


They all have one thing in common - a desire for a better life - but they have no idea how or where to find it.  They can't leave the city because the earth above has been destroyed and there is no place to go.  If they rebel, they will be put to death.

Thus, the months pass with everything remaining exactly the same, until quite by accident, Trista discovers a terrifying secret about what their government is doing to the people, something so horrible it must be exposed and stopped.  How can she, now pregnant, alert the citizens of Argess about the danger they're in without endangering herself and her unborn child?

The hand of fate intervenes in a most unexpected way, leaving only one solution to the problem - God.  But now the question is:  Would He be willing to help a world of non-believers?  Why should He even want to?  If He doesn't who will?




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Once you start reading, you can't stop.  Everything comes together so perfectly - and God was right there in the midst of of it all.  Should be on the best seller's list.  I read a lot and this is one of the BEST - Geneva (N.C.)

PLEASE tell me quickly how I can order more of this book for my friends!  I loved it and couldn't put it down and want to share it. - Virginia (GA)

IT OUGHT TO BE A MOVIE!  Even though this is fiction, you point out what a wonderful God we have.  The tears fell when I finished it. - Ella (PA)

NEED A LIFT TODAY?  Read In the Midst of Tomorrow.  I was amazed how the entire plot unfolded and I got so emotional at times I couldn't contain myself.  One minute I was laughing with amazement, and the next I was crying at the unbelievable faithfulness of our Creator.  This is definitely a "must read" -- Monica (PA)

This book holds  your interest until you forget all other things that need your attention.  It's a book that's hard to put down.  It is so good to know that God still enters our thoughts and dreams to let us know He is there and there is an author who wants to tell the world about Him. - Lorraine (FL)

What a wonderful book!  It really made me search my heart, thankful that we live in a country where we are free to worship as we please.  The story was so compelling.  I read the entire book at one time (and I'm not normally much of a reader).  I just couldn't put it down.  The ending was wonderful.  I wll recommend it to all my friends. - Grace (FL)

A wonderful inspirational fiction novel that holds your attention and satisfies your appetite for good, wholesome reading while stirring in you a renewing of the power of God and how He can work even in the "midst of tomorrow".  While satan rages, God is much alive! -- Arlene (PA)

This is a very good, interesting book.  It's the kind you just don't want to lay down once you start reading it.  I loved it and it's worth reading, I promise.  On a rating from one to ten, I give it a TEN. - Marsha (NC)