Inside the Beauty

The Eyes of Love Series, Book #3.

A touching Christian romance that is a standalone in a series.

Sharris had everything she ever wanted. She was the sole owner of a lovely, mortgage-free home and very successful in her advertising business. She was beautiful, with lots of friends, an active social life – which included the attention of extremely handsome men - and no intention of allowing anything, especially any one man, to mess up her perfect world.

When she met Crew, who had the same plans and goals in life as she did – mainly remaining single – she figured he’d be a great person to become friends with. They could enjoy each other’s company with no strings attached. From the beginning, she was warned by her best friend that it wouldn’t be wise to be seen too often in Crew’s company, because of a racial issue in his past. She wasn’t concerned. She was never going to do anything as silly as falling in love with him. He wasn’t her type. He was too short, for one thing, and not nearly as good looking as the other men she dated. Her heart would be perfectly safe with him – and so would her reputation.

Funny how God’s plans for us aren’t always the same as our own. It wasn’t long until beautiful Sharris discovered she didn’t have as much control over the stirrings of her heart as she thought.

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