The Third & Final Book



Stand-Alone Christian Fiction

Carmen was beginning to doubt that she’d ever find true love when a man named Flynn came suddenly and unexpectedly into her life. He was everything she could ever want - handsome, kind, fun to be with, and a devoted Christian. But he was also blind. Because of his disability, he’d been left broken hearted by his former fiancée, and he was reluctant to believe any woman could love him enough to want to keep him forever. He couldn’t bear the thoughts of Carmen winding up with her own broken heart when she suddenly discovered she couldn’t cope with all the problems related to his blindness. Could he be right? She was certain it wouldn’t happen and wanted to try anyway. He didn’t. A BEAUTIFUL, INSPIRATIONAL LOVE STORY.

This is the final book in The Forever Series. It’s not too late to read the first two - HIDE ME FOREVER and LOVE ME FOREVER. Each book is a complete story of its own.

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She wished they could stay as they were for the rest of their lives, that they could leave the rest of the world behind and all the uncertainties in a corner somewhere at the ends of the earth.

No one lived without trials and heartaches. Everybody had problems, whether they were small, incidental ones or huge ones that seemed impossible to overcome. Everyone was human. If God hadn’t wanted them to be that way, He would have created them to be all powerful like Himself.