By the word of the Lord were the heavens made; 

and all the host of them by the breath of his mouth. - Psalm 33:6


It's like reading a beautiful set of grown-up Fairy Tales!

Be prepared to laugh, cry and be mystified!

Books 1 - 3

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There are seven books in the Planet Mystic Series.  Each novel is a unique, individual story of its own, revolving around the lives of several aliens on assignment to the earth from a magical planet called Mystic.  They are comical, yet dramatic - and always filled with fantasy, romance and magic, as well as  a surprisingly beautiful touch of inspiration.

The first three books in the Planet Mystic Series are shown below. 


Please note that each story can stand alone but its better to read them in order

to avoid confusion regarding the plot.




Canon Tronis, an alien with magical powers, is sent to earth to prove that nothing can ever make the people living there happy.

    Canon has no idea how the answer he seeks will drastically change his life forever.

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Certain that the love emotion is to blame for everything that happened during the ultimate Mystical challenge, the king of Mystic decides to send two more of his people to the earth.  Their mission is desperate.   They must obtain information on just exactly what the love emotion is and how it can be stopped from destroying the peaceful existence of the magical planet.  Neither the king - nor his chosen participants for the study, Klor Darien and Tyra Grandess - are prepared for the surprising outcome.

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 For nineteen years there are no further communications between the magical planet Mystic and the earth.  When Serenity replaces her father on the throne, however, the new queen, determined to keep her domain trouble free, knows she must take care of one small problem that her father had forbidden her to do anything about.  The problem is her daughter Mysterity, and the only way it can be taken care of is to send Mysterity to earth for a while.  Queen Serenity can't begin to imagine what effect this decision will have on her own life, as well as her peaceful planet.  Everything on Mystic is about to change!

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