By the word of the Lord were the heavens made; 

and all the host of them by the breath of his mouth. - Psalm 33:6


It's like reading a beautiful set of grown-up Fairy Tales!

Be prepared to laugh, cry and be mystified.

Books 4 to 6

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There are seven books in the Planet Mystic Series.  Each novel is a unique, individual story of its own, revolving around the lives of several aliens on assignment to the earth from a magical planet called Mystic.  They are comical, yet dramatic - and always filled with fantasy, romance and magic, as well as  a surprisingly beautiful touch of inspiration.

Books 4-6 in the Planet Mystic Series are shown below. 

Please note that all the stories can stand alone but its better to read them in order

 to avoid confusion regarding the plot.



Quinci Martyn is now all grown up, looking for the love of her life – and never expecting what she finds!

In MYSTIC, be prepared for the adventure of a lifetime (and lots of laughs)! Not only does Quinci fall head-over-heels in love, she winds up on the magical planet – and accidentally learns the secret to the wishing power. Of course, obtaining knowledge of something like that can have some very grave consequences.

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Determined to find out what happened to her best friend Quinci and her sister Jade, Dyanne McMindy starts her own personal investigation – only to find her plans foiled by a reporter named Rio Donavon, the son of Myth’s sister Shanna. As she wrestles with the dilemma of how to keep Rio off her trail, unknown to either of them, Jade and her traveling companion Garen are invisibly watching. Not only are they watching, they’re thinking up all kinds of ways to make Dyanne and Rio fall in love. When the mismatched pair of aliens get their powers confused and can’t make themselves visible again, a riotous comedy erupts.

It happens in The Dream Trip, the fifth and funniest book in The Planet Mystic Series.

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Hopelessly in love with Jade Martyn but unable to compete with her love of travel, Smoke Tremont decides to leave Mystic and seek his happiness on Earth.  He never expects the confusion that awaits him there, nor can he ever dream that, amid his mixture of emotions, he will end up being a guardian angel to someone very special and that he will inherit a reward beyond his wildest expectations because of it!

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