Sweet Talk

Inspirational, Uplifting Poetry

 Let's share the powerful magic of verse!

That's what this volume of poetry is all about!  It's written with the intent to lift up a burdened, troubled soul with a sweet dose of inspiration.  Through the pages, I try to more openly express my reverence, love and thankfulness to the Lord and my special family and friends who've helped me along the path of life.  Perhaps I can spark a deep sense of provoking thought that will help someone - friend or stranger - find the answer to an unspoken problem.

 The book is written in a beautiful, clear format that is easy to read and understand.  You have to see it to appreciate it.  A sample page is shown below.

                     Available in Paperback for $10.95.   Click                                                   HERE to order.

Not available in Kindle. 

 It would take too much beauty away from it.




When sadness overtakes your soul,

 and throws your life out of control…

 When joys are dimmed by circumstance,

and happiness doesn’t stand a chance….

 Don’t give in to fear and dread.

 Move your lips and smile instead!


If you think you can not do it,

 just twist your mouth – there’s nothing to it!

 True, you might have to practice awhile,

 but sooner or later, you’ll make a smile.

If it should feel a little forced,

 just give it time to run its course.


Once its signal reaches the brain,

 Joy will fill your heart again.


It will happen – Do not grieve.

Just keep smiling

 and believe.

The above is a sample of an actual page from SWEET TALK.