Angel Jack Series #7

All books are standalone and can be read in any order.

Following a period of severe depression, Adora Grace Page meets a real life angel named Jack.  Never can Adora imagine the incredible journey she will soon take with the angel - a trip that will result in a supernatural challenge of her body, mind and spirit and bring her face to face with her forever destiny.  Intriguing.  Mystifying.  Surreal.  A beautiful inspirational story of renewed hope and everlasting love.


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EXCERPT:  Wearing an immaculate white suit, the angel Jack stood alone on a puffy white cloud, staring intently into the blueness of the heavenly sky. Remaining perfectly still, he neither smiled nor frowned or even blinked an eye.

Around him, everything was still and quiet, as he waited for an answer to the disturbing question of his mind. “It’s almost time, isn’t it, Father?” he finally whispered. “I feel it.”


“It isn’t an ordinary matter, Father. It’s nothing like I have ever been challenged with before.”

The air surrounding him became even more serene and quiet.

“Your spirit has always been with me on my assignments, but this is something that neither the human mind or one like mine can comprehend. How can I help when I feel….when I feel….almost afraid? How can I be afraid? I am an angel. I am not supposed to fear, but to trust You in all situations. What am I to do, Father?”

In the distance the wind came up very suddenly and began to blow. The closer it came, the stronger and more powerful it became, until it was surrounding Jack from every side. His hair was blowing and his clothes were whipping around his body. It was all he could do to remain standing. It lasted for just a moment, then stopped as abruptly as it had started, leaving the air as silent and still as death.

Jack shuddered. “Oh, Father……”

He knew it had happened. Unable to bear the sadness that was bearing down on him, he looked downward.


He raised his eyes once more and waited, his heart pounding.

Then came the words he’d heard so many times before, the words that brought him comfort but also heightened his awareness that he was soon to face a very challenging situation. “Be still – and know that I am God.”