An inspirational fiction story about love, forgiveness and miracles


COMMENT FROM A READER:  There are no words, but I'll try anyway.

  This book, Touching a Dream, I just can't describe the intensity, the heart-gripping story, the way it touched my heart to the core.   

I literally could NOT put this book down!


  She met the tall, dark mysterious man in her dreams – and then he turned up in real life! But as unbelievable as it was, she could never imagine how this man’s secrets would affect not only herself, but many of her loved ones as well. TOUCHING A DREAM is an exciting, inspirational fiction novel that not only keeps you turning the pages but also gives you a clear insight of God’s powerful love, His forgiveness and His ability to still create miracles – and most amazingly, that He works it all out through something as simple as a dream.

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ANOTHER READER SAYS:   I wanted to speed up reading to see how it ended, but at the same time wanted to slow it way down to make it last longer!  I LOVED the book and got caught up in it from the first page.  After finishing it, I wish there was another one -- hint, hint!