Haven and Grace think they're happy living in their fantasy world where no one can break their hearts.  The most reclusive is Haven, the homely one.  She's satisfied with being pen pals with handsome Nik.  Since they'll never meet, she sends him her sister's picture, pretending it's her.  As it turns out, Grace is the one who accidentally meets Nik, who, of course, thinks she's Haven.  Grace can't tell him the truth without hurting her sister, so she goes along with the pretense.  But neither Nik nor Grace expect to have immediate feelings for each other.

The two Angels have their work cut for them.  How will they untangle the web Haven has unintentionally woven with neither of the girls getting hurt?


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Mary is seventy-two years old and disheartened because she never had a chance to enjoy her youth. Before she gets any older (or dies) she wants to have some fun. Why shouldn’t she? Her late husband left her plenty of money and she’s still healthy and attractive.

Mary’s granddaughter, Annie, is at a crossroads in her life and doesn’t know which way to turn. When she needs Mary’s advice, her granny is out looking for the fountain of youth and isn’t there to give it.

What’s the real mission of the two angels, Jack and Craig? To keep Mary out of trouble? To help Annie with her problem? Or both….

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Donna and Damon are best friends. Why shouldn’t he be willing to help her run away from a heartbreaking situation at home -even when she insists she has to go before Christmas, which is only three weeks away? Even though Damon loves Christmas, the holiday means nothing to her. It’s the anniversary of her mother’s death, and she hasn’t enjoyed it since she lost her.

The two angels are sent to help prepare her for a shocking surprise that’s about to change everything in both her and Damon’s lives. It’s something so big that it just might change Donna’s attitude about Christmas – and the love of God.

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